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  1. Federal
    Housing Administration (FHA) Insured Loans

    1. Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund
    2. FHA Underwriting Standards
    3. Property Guidelines for FHA Loans
    4. FHA Loan Regulations
    5. Mortgage Insurance Premium
    6. Seller Contribution Limits
    7. Prepayment Penalties
    8. FHA Loan Programs

Learning Objectives

  1.       Identify standards for FHA-insured loans.
  2.       Define upfront mortgage insurance premiums.
  3.       Discuss loan options available through the
  4.       Identify standards for VA-guaranteed loans.
  5.       Define eligibility and entitlement for
  6.       Identify guaranteed and direct USDA loan

Teaching Methods:  

PowerPoints, Video PowerPoint Presentation and Optional Quiz

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