20 Hour Safe Act Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Pre-licensing Course

20 Hour Safe Act Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Pre-licensing Course is NMLS approved to meet the requirements of the SAFE Act for State MLO licensing.   Let Deb Killian tell you what you need to know to get started in the mortgage business.

Price: $349 (including $30 NMLS fee)

8 Hour SAFE Act Comprehensive Federal CE for 2018

MLO CE for 2018 is here!

8 Hour Federal Comprehensive CE 2018

7 Hour Federal Core CE 2018

8 Hour Florida Comprehensive CE 2018

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Florida 8 Hr. SAFE CE 2018

NMLS Approved Florida 8 Hours CE On Demand Video

Complete Your Florida CE for 2018 in One Online Class

"Finally learn something with the most up to date content."

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FL 8 Hr. SAFE Comp. CE 2018 Course


A New Kind of Licensing Course

Welcome. This course is designed for individuals preparing to become state licensed Mortgage Loan Originators “M-L-O’s” for short. It meets the requirements of all 50 States for the 20 Hour Pre-licensing Education mandated by the S.A.F.E. Act

It provides a detailed analysis of the laws and regulations covering the origination of a mortgage loans.

It gives students basic mortgage information and skills necessary to originate a compliant mortgage loan

It lays the groundwork for a lucrative career in mortgage lending.

and for some details.....

  • Video Webinar Presentation of the entire 20 hour NMLS course.
  • Deb Killian has over 1500 hours teaching the topics
  • Course is immediately available to start anytime and only starts when you pay.
  • Available on PC, MAC, Tablet, iPhone or Android. 
  • Offline viewing for bad or no  connections available. 
  • Stay entertained with the video while you learn.  Other online classes require 20 hours of reading and testing
  • Additional State PE, if required offered through third party provider in an online read and quiz format.
  • Retake exams and quizzes up to 3 times.
  • Full PowerPoint Slides with detailed notes give a full narrative on each topic
  • Large test bank of questions for highlighting knowledge deficiencies

**We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if we failed to meet your expectation for the course we will gladly refund your course fee anytime before the end of your 2 week session.


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