Mortgage Processing Fundamentals


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Mortgage Processing Fundamentals is an on-demand, video recorded program which presents the base of knowledge needed to succeed at residential mortgage processing.   This course is a comprehensive hands on training course for new mortgage processors including detail instructions, checklists, tools and advise used by today’s mortgage processors to submit loans to any lender.

The course is written and presented by a 25-year seasoned loan originator who has processed her own loans.

The fundamentals are universal and can be applied to any processing position.  While processors perform some or all the included functions, the course provides an overview of all the necessary responsibilities and tasks to move a file from origination to closing. The knowledge acquired will enable an individual to understand the importance of following a complete process.

Understanding the roles and the expected outcomes in an origination environment is critical for originators, loan originator assistants, set up staff, processors and all operations functions.

The underlying message in all episodes is understanding that knowing the WHY and HOW leads to improved customer service, less touches on files, more profitability per loan and less stress for everyone.  This level of knowledge and customer-first service has enabled Debra Killian, a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist and the control person of her company to fund over 3,600 loans totaling over $1 billion with no advertising.

Each episode of well-structured, classroom style presentations, goes right to the heart of processing loans and uncovers issues that affect transactions.


  • Understanding how origination and processing activities are inter-dependent.
  • Gain understanding on the role of a processor.
  • Delineating processor tasks vs origination tasks.
  • Create a mindset on why and the importance of each task.
  • Gaining proficiency in basic mortgage calculations.
  • Learn to identify appraisal issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of loan programs.
  • Determine what processing efficiency and accuracy mean in managing a pipeline.

Program Episodes

  1. Introduction to Processing
  2. The 1003 and Credit Reports
  3. Compliance for Processors
  4. Processing Documents
  5. Appraisals
  6. Income and Calculations
  7. Products and Programs
  8. Documentation and Red Flags

The course includes assessments, a case study and final exam.