Non-QM and Adjustable Rate Loans


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  1. The
    Use of Nontraditional Mortgage Products 

    1. Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products
    2. Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending
    3. Predatory Lending
  2. Subprime

    1. Assessing Risk
  3. Adjustable
    Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

    1. How ARMs Work
    2. ARM Standardization
    3. ARM Disclosures
    4. ARM Programs
  4. Seller

    1. Purchase Money Mortgage
    2. Assumption
    3. Seller-Sponsored Wraparound Financing
    4. Purchase Money Second Mortgage
    5. Land Contracts
    6. Land Contract with Assumption of an Existing Mortgage
  5. Other
    Forms of Creative Financing

    1. Lease/Options
    2. Lease/Purchases
    3. Equity Exchanges
    4. Participation Plans
  6. Homebuyer
    Assistance Programs

Learning Objectives

  1.       Demonstrate knowledge of mortgage products
    available in the market
  2.       Identify characteristics of sub-prime loans
  3.       Identify and define nontraditional products as
    defined by the SAFE Act
  4.       Demonstrate ability to identify ARM components
  5.       Learn calculations for ARM interest rate and
    payment adjustments
  6.       Understand how consumers can be harmed by
  7.       Demonstrate ability to appropriately disclose
    features of all products

Teaching Methods:  

PowerPoints, Video PowerPoint Presentation and Optional Quiz