Truth in Lending Recsissions


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  1. Why Consumers Recind?
  2. Refinancing Rights To Recind
  3. Effects of Rescission

Learning Objectives

  1.        To understand TILA Refinancing Right to Rescind
  2.        To understand who the right of rescission applies to
  3.        To know which borrowers must receive a Right to Cancel notice at closing?
  4.        To know how to determine the rescission period for a refinance
  5.        To understand the extended right to rescind
  6.        To understand material disclosure related to rights to rescind
  7.        To understand why consumers rescind
  8.        To understand effects of rescissions
  9.        To understand when creditors are required to refund any money or property
  10.        To know what creditors must file in the public record

 Teaching Methods: Power Points, Video PowerPoint Presentation and