20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive FEDERAL – Mortgage Loan Originator


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This course is designed for individuals obtaining a state license as a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO).  It meets the requirements of all 50 States for the 20 Hour Pre-licensing Education mandated by the S.A.F.E. Act.  It is NMLS Approved Course ID #7366.

The Course objective is to provide the SAFE Act NMLS Education Content in preparation for the National Exam.

There is no longer any individual State exam.

The Mortgage Loan Originator Course provides students with:

  • A detailed analysis of the laws and regulations covering the origination of a mortgage loans for all 50 states.
  • Ihe information and skills necessary to originate a compliant mortgage loan.
  • The educational groundwork for a lucrative career in mortgage lending.

The Mortgage Loan Originator Course has the following features:

  • Video Webinar Presentation of the entire course.  Online Instructor LED.
  • Deb Killian has taught over 4000 students.  You need to know what she knows.
  • Course is immediately available to start anytime and only starts when you are ready.
  • Available on all devices.  Take the course on your schedule.
  • Stay entertained with the video while you learn at your own pace.  Other online classes require 20+ hours of reading and testing
  • Retake exams and quizzes until you are prepared.  Rewatch sessions by individual slide.
  • Full PowerPoint Slides with detailed notes give a full narrative on each topic
  • Large test bank of questions for highlighting knowledge deficiencies
  • Additional State PE, if required offered through third-party provider in an online read and quiz format.  The Federal is the focus.
  • Get a full 20 Hour Federal Course and not a cut down version.

For quick overview how the courses work see Getting Started with our Virtual Campus.