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Course Outline

  1. UDAAP
  2. UDAAP Acts and Practices
  3. UDAAP Post Crisis
  4. UDAAP Summary

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand what UDAAP stands for.
  2. To understand the definition of “material”
  3. To understand what makes an act or practice unfair
  4. To understand how deceptive acts or practices are used
  5. To know examples of UDAAP acts or practices.
  6. To know the primary concerns under UDAAP
  7. To know what substantial injury is.
  8. To see how material interference and taking unreasonable advantage of people are abusive acts.
  9. To Know if avoidable acts or practices are unfair.
  10. To understand how public policies, affect UDAAP violations 
  11. To understand the FTC Test for advertising
  12. To understand the how ethics guides the needs of the customer over your own 

Teaching Methods 

Power Points, Video PowerPoint Presentation and