RESPA Update


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Course Outline

  1. RESPA Overview
  2. RESPA Tolerances
  3. RESPA Prohibitions
  4. More RESPA Prohibitions
  5. Marketing Service Agreements
  6. MSA Court Decisions
  7. Successor in Interests
  8. Continuity of Contracts and Loss Mitigation

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand the primary purpose of RESPA Reg “X”
  2. To know the services covered under RESPA
  3. To know loans covered under RESPA
  4. To understand RESPA Tolerances
  5. To understand the three tolerance categories
  6. To understand change of circumstances and how they affect the CD
  7. To understand the affect If the loan originator selects a third-party settlement service provider
  8. To understand the effect of charges exceeding tolerance for a specific category
  9. To understand RESPA prohibitions
  10. To understand when a thing of value is received in connection with a business referred:
  11. To understand how fees in a marketing service agreement would be legal.
  12. To understand when affiliated business arrangement exists and the disclosure of the arrangement
  13. To know what a “thing of value” is
  14. To understand the effect a charge for which a nominal service has
  15. To know what percentage ownership requires affiliated Business disclosures
  16. To understand marketing service agreements and what makes them legal
  17. To understand the effect when the payment of a thing of value exceeds the value of the services provided
  18. To know how to deal with expenses for web banners, signs and sharing home buyer guides
  19. To understand RESPA Section 8
  20. To know when the CFPB takes action for RESPA violations
  21. To know what kickbacks are

Teaching Methods 

Power Points, Video PowerPoint Presentation and