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Employment Law Update: It’s Way More Than 1099 v W-2!

If you missed my last post, it now includes...

Effective In-house Training Comes From Outsourcing What Everyone Needs to Know.

It’s a new year with all the hopes that...

I am Supposed to Know All the Labor Laws?

So, now I am entrenched in all things Mortgage...

Live Webinar – Seven Deadly Mistakes Owners Make When Setting Up a Mortgage Company!

Have you recently started your own company or still...

The First Decade of Social Media. What Will 2020 Bring?

This is the first decade where social media found...

FHFA New 1003 Timeline: November 2020

December 18, 2020 – Did you attend one of...

“The NMLS Made Me Do It!”

For newer entrants to the mortgage industry it might...

CIMBA LIVE 12/12/19 11:00am-12:00 pm. 1099 v. W-2

Connecticut Independent Mortgage Brokers Association offers live webinar. While...

Temporary Authority W-2 Requirement

For those who have been following our series and...

“As California Goes, So Goes the Nation!” 1099 or W-2 Again?

Lenders, mortgage brokers and originators should be paying careful...

What Does Your Training Board Look Like?

Could you pass the NMLS test today again if...

January 2, 2020 Originator 4-4-10

Some content is more easily digested and retained when...

W-2 Contagion? The “ABC” Test Federalized?

If you followed our mini series on California’s latest...

W-2 or 1099? The Final Word on Dynamex! RETROACTIVE!

Mortgage professionals…you may think this doesn’t apply to you…and...

1099 vs. W-2: How Employers Get Caught! Take Action Now!

In the final episode of our 4-part series (Dynamex...

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