Back has several options to complete 2018 NMLS Approved C.E.

For states with no additional requirements, take the 8-Hour SAFE Comprehensive.

For Florida state license renewals here is the FL 8-Hour CE.

For all other states take the 7-Hour CORE, then click here to register for other state C.E.

• Courses must be completed within 24 hours from when you complete the BioSig.
• Plan time to learn.
• Be strategic in selecting your starting time.
• Complete 3-4 hours one day and finish up the next day.
• Schedule the time in an isolated environment.
• Education is required, does that mean you can’t enjoy it?
• Use ONE idea from the course in your business TODAY with your NEXT customer!

Knowledge is meant to be applied, not just required.  Think about the time and commitment for live classes with no flexibility.  I love live classes, but for online education, take control…and use it to your advantage!

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