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NMLS Continuing Education Webinar by Deb Killian is now available.

Meet Deb Killian in her first National NMLS Continuing Education course for 2018.

8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Federal 2018 CE – The Mortgage Professional

Find out what it means to be a Mortgage Professional

This program will be available on demand and on your time.

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20 Hour SAFE Act Mortgage Loan Originator course Approved by NMLS

 The 20 Hour SAFE Act Mortgage Loan Originator course ID # 7366 was recently approved by NMLS for online delivery.

The course is required by all Mortgage Loan Originators and Independent Mortgage Processors as a pre-requisite for obtaining a mortgage loan originator license.

The course is 20 hours of video classroom presentation which allows participants to view the instructor and the power point presentation on any device.

Student are engaged by having to respond to various surveys, quizzes, and activities thought the timed sessions.

Students are mentored by the instructor, Deb Killian, CRMS, author of the Mortgage Professional.

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