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CATEGORY: Real Estate Finance and Ownership

Interests in Real Property

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


  1. Deeds
    1. Requirements of a Valid Deed
    2. Warranty Deeds
    3. Deeds without Warranties
  2. Evidence
    of Marketable Title

    1. Public Records
    2. Notice
    3. Chain of Title
    4. Race Notice Rule
    5. Marketable Title Act
  3. Title

    1. Types of Title Insurance Policies
    2. American Land Title Association (ALTA)
    3. Abstract of Title
  4. Forms
    of Ownership

    1. Ownership in Severalty
    2. Co-Ownership
  5. Possessory
    Interests in Property

    1. Freehold Estates
    2. Leasehold Estates
  6. Ownership
    by Organizations

    1. Sole Proprietorship
    2. Partnerships.
    3. Corporations
    4. Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Townhomes
  7. Non-Possessory
    Interests: Easements

    1. Types of Easements
    2. Creation of Easements
    3. Terminating Easements
  8. Financial
    Encumbrances: Liens

    1. Voluntary Liens: Mortgages
    2. Involuntary Liens
    3. Lien Priority

Learning Objectives

  1.       Learn about different forms of deeds
  2.       Identify the purpose of the public records
  3.       Determine significance of a marketable title
  4.       Identify the purpose of title insurance
  5.       Learn alternate ways people take ownership of
    real property
  6.       Freehold and leasehold estates
  7.       Various types of liens and easements and their
    impact on property

Teaching Methods:  

PowerPoints, Video PowerPoint Presentation and Optional Quiz

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