Employers of MLO NMLS Licensees receive the following:

Learning Management System for current year included with each registration

Assess your employee knowledge using a dedicated system

NMLS PE 20 Hours
NMLS CE 8 Hours

MLO Pre-licensing Assessment
MLO Originator Assessment
MLO Advanced Assessment

Customized Courses for MLO Skills include all of the learning management services including:

  • Create classes, enroll employees, grade rosters in a private learning management system
  • Updated training material and  training information to the current laws
  • Produce copies of the class presentation and activities for each participant
  • Provide copies of the test results for each group.
  • Revise class schedule as necessary and communicate any changes appropriately
  • Ensure that each trainee submits a course and trainer evaluations after completion of class.
  • Ensure timely completion of the trainer evaluation and that test grades are completed by deadline.
  • Record grades on roster and submit NMLS credit bank roster within 7 days of class completion