8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Federal CE 2018 – November 2018 Deb was great in presenting the true nature of the course piece by piece and helped with her many years of experience outline some of the more critical areas of the industry and expectations. The course was excellent because the provider was an experienced mortgage veteran for many years and understands how to present the material to make sure the key points as well as …

NMLS User Score Card

The instructor was very knowledgeable and applied examples in every possible scenario, making the material easy to understand.

Gedne Gosselin

You have a new 5⭐️ Review! Carlos Ortiz reviewed your “20 Hour SAFE Comprehensive FEDERAL – Mortgage Loan Originator” and said: This is all you need The course covers everything you need to know, and will completely prepare you to pass the national test

Carlos Ortiz

The fact that the instructor was able to slowly break down and effectively communicate rather complex and dry topics easily. The audio and visual aids helped keep me interested and focussed and I feel much more confident about going into the industry then I did prior. Great overall course, learned a lot and feel very confident about going into the industry as an informed professional. I think the course gave me a great foundation for …

Michael V, CT
Michael V.

Question 6 Survey The greatest strengths of the course are: User Answer The material in this course was great. I loved the coverage of history, and why the changes had to be made in order to better serve the community it is intended to benefit. I have been in banking over 35 years and worked for credit unions as well as banks. I have collaborated closely with lenders and can honestly say they would all …

Wanda P

So… passed on the first try today !!
Was kind of nervous as there were 3 guys that came out while I was sitting there that had failed once already and one of them failed again today…. But not me! Thank god. Glad I took your course.

Sue D.
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